Outline Plans 

The Outline Plan can be regarded as the "Grand Plan", the structure or architecture of the garden. It defines the garden design idea and marks where everything should be and how the garden should be laid out.


This involves looking at how your garden will be used and who will be using it - the needs of children, busy working couples, the retired, elderly or the disabled will be very different. This is where our design training and skills can best be used to create a coherent and visually pleasing design, which meets the practical needs of our clients and their families.  


We always visit your garden, check the aspect, assess its strong and weak points, and conduct soil tests, so that we can give you the best possible advice. Unless a previous survey exists, we will usually measure your garden and photograph it to give us a clear idea of its shape and proportion. Views from inside windows are also taken, so that the garden always looks as good as possible, whatever the weather.  


Site visits and discussions are vital, to talk about your needs, about plants and materials, as well as maintenance and costs. All of these make a contribution to the final plan.


Our Outline Garden Plans usually surprise clients because people are often unaware of the possibilities. The plans are accurate and drawn to scale, so that any competent landscaper can use them to construct the garden, though additional construction details and Specifications can help to ensure that the garden is built to the highest standards.  


A garden design consultation lasts for about an hour (we don't clock watch) and costs £100, though if you do go on to ask us to design your garden or produce a planting plan there is no charge. During that time, we provide garden design ideas and solutions, as well as horticultural advice. It may be a completely new plot or a mature garden. It may need a new way to organise the garden, help with problem planting areas, or find ways of improving privacy. Whatever your requirements, as garden designers, we offer practical advice and information, as well as looking at your garden with a fresh, designer's eye.


We bring our portfolio along to consultations, Just looking at it will, we hope, give you ideas and inspiration. We do not charge for the time spent going through the portfolio.

A small walled garden in Topsham, Devon. Before, The Plan and After

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Consultations and Garden Design Plans

LEFT. Sections from several different types of drawings including outline and construction detail plans.