We were asked to design both the front and rear garden areas of this new-build near Plymouth from scratch and prepare drawings to submit for planning permission.


The front garden design had to deal with the steep slope, provide wheelchair access to the front door, include a large garage and driveway, and planting to soften the impact of the new build.


Our contemporary garden design included a sloping driveway, which also provided disabled access, and enabled our client to drive up to the front door. The double garage was built into the slope and a roof garden was created on its roof. Large borders allowed for planting to soften the hard landscaping and made a welcoming entrance to the house.


Our drawings included elevations illustrating projected growth rates of several large Betula pendula 'Jacquemontii', which successfully softened the house, screened the houses on the opposite side of the road and met with the planning requirements.  


These photographs were taken two weeks after planting was completed and a few months before the clients moved. We are pleased to say that the clients have asked us to design their new garden in Gloucestershire and we flatter ourselves that as garden designers we helped in their house sale (Naila was mentioned in the estate agent's details).

After - Just after planting. We designed the garage with a garden on the roof. Before - A south facing building site on a steep slope.



A contemporary garden design for a new-build in the South Hams, near Plymouth, Devon

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