After - The central sitting area surrounded by planting and a water feature. Before - A shed and a trellis were just about the only feature in this large garden.



This garden is in Aylesbeare a village near Exeter. The clients wanted a garden in which they could relax and entertain, but which still allowed plenty of room for their boys to play.  


The garden is shown in its first year after planting and the clients were so pleased that they asked us as garden designers for their front garden and driveway. They also passed on our name on to their parents, for whom we have also created a garden (their rill water feature is at the top of our page on water features).    


A special feature of this garden (photo on left) is the decorative brick detailing (York Handmade Brick), inset into the brick paths. The bricks relate well to the architecture of the house but it is the detailing which brings the paths to life.

A garden design for large family garden, near Exeter, Devon

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