The same garden in Torquay two months later

This walled garden in Torbay is about 12 m x 12 m square and is dominated by two large overhanging pine trees growing in a neighbour's garden. Besides continually dropping their needles into our client's garden they also rob half of the garden of moisture.  


Our brief as garden designers was to create a bird-friendly, very colourful, easy maintenance garden, with enough planting area to satisfy the client's love of plants (especially those with bright, warm coloured flowers).  


The garden design included six small trees. Although it may seem a lot, the trees break up the 'shoe box' effect created by a flat site surrounded by walls, as well as bringing dappled shade to a sunny garden. The cherries have wonderful bark colour and blossom in winter and spring, and the rowans provide valuable berries for birds in winter. The 'chimney pot' water feature, which we designed and had built (by the Exeter based landscapers), includes a birdbath and provides a great focal point to the garden.


The sandstone paving with brick detailing is also easily swept clean of the offending pine needles.


We also designed a new gate and a binstore, which not only hides the bins, but also breaks up what was in effect a walled corridor between the garden and the house. Now, this also makes a welcoming entrance archway, covered (in time) by a fragrant climbing rose.     

Before - An uninspiring place divided into grass and paving.



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A garden design for a small courtyard garden

in Torquay, Devon