Our clients required a large drive and car parking space in front of their house but disliked the existing large expanse of tarmac which they had inherited on this steeply sloping site. They also found the unstructured borders and heavy clay based soil difficult to plant up and maintain.


The garden design used sweeping curves to link areas of retaining walls with slate on end coping, slate spirals and granite setts and cobbled paths, to create a visually exciting garden, which could also accommodate the client's cars.


We are proud and delighted to report that this garden won a BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries) National Award).  

After - The parking area is the same but cobbles and granite setts add texture and form. Before - Black tarmac takes up over 70% of this steeply sloping front garden.



A front garden design for a steeply sloping site and plenty of cars in Holcombe, Devon

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