Bulbs such as Lillium regale add colour and scent Herbaceous borders either side of a hoggin path in July English Roses, such as 'Ferdinand Pichard' flower all summer

Naila Green Garden Design, Devon - A Herbaceous Border for a garden near Newtow Abbot

Herbaceous borders always work well on either side of a path, as the perspective effect gives a sense of depth. Lavender edging associates well, contains the profusion of flowers, and ensures some winter interest.  

Deep borders either side of a 'hoggin' path

Bulbs, such as Lilium regale, here with Delphinium 'Piccollo', take up little room but can be relied on for colour and scent

Above. English Roses, such as Rosa 'Ferdinand Pichard', have the shape and scent of a true old-fashioned rose, but flower all summer. They're a great addition to the planting plan in any herbaceous border.


Below. Looking back at the herbaceous border shows how repeating plant groups, and a restricted pallette of colours, creates balance and a sense of order.

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