This front garden is part of a large garden in St. Leonards, Exeter, Devon. Whilst wanting to retain access and parking to the front of their house, our client wished to reduce the impact of the cars and create an informal, unpretentious woodland landscape.


Although, the planting was designed to be of interest throughout the year, this woodland garden comes into its own in late winter and spring. These photos were taken quite soon after planting was completed, but as the trees grow and the woodland plants mature under them, we think that even the dreariest day will be brightened up.


In fact, with lifting the spirits in mind, great care was taken during the garden design process to select fragrant winter flowering plants along the paths and near to the front door.            

After - Although there is plenty of parking the front garden looks more like a woodland. Before - A habitat for cars not people.



A front garden design for a large garden in Exeter, Devon

The same front garden one year after planting


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