A project management drawing of a brick path Taking levels during a garden survey

No mark ups

Any trade discounts on landscaping, materials and plants are passed on to you. You pay only for our time. We have no financial ties with any particular landscapers, builders or suppliers, so we can work solely for you - the client.


For further information please telephone Naila on 01626 888598

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Naila Green Garden Design, Devon. Designing and Building a Garden. A Step-By-Step Guide

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As garden designers, we try to provide a flexible service. Some of our clients do not follow all the steps outlined below from start to finish - but many do.

A Consultation.

The first step in the design process usually lasts for an hour or so (we don't clock watch). During that time, we would hope to give you ideas and advice on how to improve your garden and overcome any problems you may have. Whilst  this is sometimes all that's required, most people are looking for someone to produce a garden design and go on to view Naila's portfolio (something we do not charge for).

If you like what you see in the portfolio, we hope you would ask us to produce a garden design.  

Fixed Fee Quotations - Agreeing a price for ever stage     

Before we start work on the plan (or any of the steps outlined below), we calculate how long we think it will take to do the work and give you a quotation. If we spend more time working on your garden (we nearly always do), you will not be charged and if we spend less time, the bill will be reduced accordingly. We can, of course, work on an hourly basis if you prefer and, like most professionals, we have an hourly rate for the services we provide (we will be happy to disclose our garden design fees in private).

The Site Survey    

Before we start work on your garden design plan we undertake a site survey which entails:


a) Measuring your garden, in terms of the information we need to produce a scaled plan of the existing site.

c) Taking photographs, checking views and site lines

d) Assessing existing plants and noting which may need to be retained/moved

e) Taking soil samples for pH testing


Note: For larger gardens, or those which may require extensive groundworks, we may (with your agreement) call in specialist surveyors or take the advice of structural engineers. The company we usually use will supply a quotation directly to you.

Garden Design Plans

After further consultations, and noting any points of interest which the site survey may have revealed, the next step is creating a plan.


The Draft Plan

This will be drawn to scale and outline how we feel your garden will be used, its style, features and key planting. it will make the most of your garden's aspect and soil, and it will cater to your individual needs.

The draft plan will be presented along with any helpful photographs, reference material and samples of the construction materials to be used for detailed discussion.


The Final Plan

After this presentation, any necessary revisions are made and a final plan is produced. Lighting, electrical supply and even sound will be considered and included in the plan.

By the end of  this stage, you will be left with a plan which any competent landscaper (or builder) could use to construct your garden.

The Planting Plan & Planting

The creation of practical and original planting plans are perhaps the most exciting aspect of creating a garden Careful consideration is given to style and mood, colour, seasonal effects, scent and, most importantly, your preferences. Practical issues, such as maintenance, screening, location, aspect and soil are also taken into account before Naila adds her artistic flair. Our planting plans show the position and numbers of plants required. They can be used to order plants through us, so that you can benefit from trade prices. We also like to plant up a garden ourselves and will be delighted to quote for the works.

Project Management

We do not build gardens ourselves. Instead, we use a number of local landscapers and builders. Depending on the project, our services include: the production of detailed specifications; the acquisition and analysis of competitive quotations; the appointment of a contractor or contractors, and the supervision of the works on your behalf.

Inspecting the view from the kitchen window during a consulation A small section of a garden design plan Detail of the finished brick path Planting Plan for a small Victorian terrace house

Assesing the view from the kitchen window during a consultation

Taking levels during the garden survey

Section from a Final Plan

Project management of garden buils like this is a skilled task Setting out the plants before planting

Project managing a garden build like this is a skilled task

A drawing created as part of Project Management. On the left, the drawing specifying the type and quantities of bricks to be used, and on the right a close-up of the finished path.

A Planting Plan for a Victorian terrace house in Exeter

Planting - Setting out the planting for a large walled garden near Newton Abbot

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